Pakistan Human Development Foundation – Allahdin Group of Companies – a service to Pakistan’s Agriculture expanded and developed as an integral part of Agriculture of Pakistan. The progress and prosperity has been the vision of AGC not only in corporal development but for the fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility in order to pave the way towards the development.  AGC initiated its corporate social responsibility under the label of Pakistan Human Development Foundation that took off for the journey of development and human rights in January 2005 through a dedicated group of development workers for women Empowerment, Children Development, Health and rehabilitation of the oppressed groups of Pakistan.

PHDF successfully achieved lots of milestones in this learning journey by breaking the stereotypes and raising the unheard voices of the vulnerable communities and individuals. We believe on synergies through partnerships with other organizations to institutionalized new thematic areas that lead us to pave the way for the vulnerable communities towards the development stream that includes disaster management, Peace & Harmony, rule of law and youth development.  The primary focus of PHDF remained the women and children who face miserable situations and lack basic necessities of life

Implementation of various communal and institutional initiatives with different Local, National and International partners has opened new avenues of development not only for PHDF but for the associated stakeholders. The Research and Publications has been the core programs of PHDF that are being implemented since 2007 till date providing concrete facts and figures to the stakeholders at different levels.