Pakistan Human Development Foundation – Allahdin Group of Companies – a service to Pakistan’s agriculture that has grown and evolved as an essential component of Pakistan’s agriculture. AGC’s goal has been growth and prosperity, not only in physical development but also in the fulfilment of Corporate Social Responsibility in order to pave the path for development. AGC began its corporate social responsibility efforts under the banner of the Pakistan Human Development Foundation, which embarked on a journey of development and human rights in January 2005 with a dedicated group of development workers for women empowerment, child development, health, and rehabilitation of Pakistan’s oppressed groups.

PHDF has accomplished many milestones in its learning journey, including breaking stereotypes and elevating the silenced voices of disadvantaged groups and people. We believe in leveraging synergies via collaboration with other organizations to institutionalize new theme areas that will lead us to pave the path for vulnerable communities to the development stream, which includes disaster management, peace and harmony, rule of law, and youth development. PHDF’s major emphasis has been on women and children who live in deplorable conditions and lack fundamental needs of life.

The implementation of numerous community and institutional projects with various Local, National, and International partners has opened up new possibilities of growth not only for the PHDF but also for the associated stakeholders. Research and Publications have been the main activities of the PHDF since 2007 and continue to provide concrete data and statistics to stakeholders at all levels.