Flood Relief Services 2010

The massive flood in 2010 had swept away all the Bridges, roads, hospitals, schools and houses in Southern Districts of Punjab. Dozens of villages were erased from the map of the country. Thousands of people lost their lives. Crops and cattle worth Billions of rupees were annihilated.

The Services rendered by PHDF under the umbrella of Allahdin Group of Companies to lessen the miseries of the flood affected were as follows:

  • 1351 people displaced during this flood (residents of District Muzaffargarh and Dera Ghazi Khan) were given shelter in primary girls and boys schools of Jahanian. They were provided with Sehari, breakfast, lunch, evening tea, Iftari, dinner, clean drinking water, Primary Health Services and milk for little babies.
  • Television was also made available to them for their entertainment.
  • Sports material like foot balls, bat and balls and other items were provided to the children to keep them involved in playful activities to lessen their miseries and grievances.
  • Dry food items were provided to the displaced people.
  • A total # of 2610 patients were given medical services through Mobile Service Units
  • Team of PHDF visited the flood affected communities and registered the names of those who had still not received the camps and they were sitting under the open sky facing scorching sun at day time and heavy rains in the evening and distributed 250 camps to all deserving people whose names were registered.
  • Before Eid, Full Eid Package was distributed to the flood affectees given shelter in Jahanian. They were given clothes for men, women and kids, shoes, Henna, Bangles, toys and sweets
  • Counseling session with the women was conducted because it was very sentimental matter for those who had lost everything in this catastrophe and could not meet their other family members on eid and were empty hands.
  • When the flood receded and people started moving back to their places, PHDF provided them Dry food items to meet their needs for at least one month, some utensils of basic requirement and paid some cash for their rehabilitation.
  • This process did not end here. After Eid PHDF sent full package of food items to 250 flood affected families of Rajanpur District. Each pack for a family included 10Kg Flour, Ghee, Sugar, Pulses, Rice, Tea, Match boxes, milk packs, Washing powder, soaps etc.
  • When the winters approached to these homeless people, PHDF provided them the quilts. 500 sets of quilts were distributed in District Muzaffargarh and Rajanpur

Team of Pakistan Human Development Foundation visited some areas of Muzaffargarh for survey of Gender related issues. This survey revealed that condition of women was very poor. Following problems of women were observed in this survey. The women had not taken bath for the last 20 days and were wearing the same dress from the last 20 days. They needed sanitary napkins and under garments. Health conditions of pregnant and lactating women were alarming and the children had stopped getting the breast feed of their mothers because they were so stinky. It was observed that women do not go forward on roads to get the food items from those who were distributing the food hence they remained hungry.