Development Services

Legal Support

Team PHDF is having strong liaisons with the Lawyers, Media, Women Crisis Center, Dar ul Aman and Dar ul Falah. PHDF is providing Legal Counseling, Free Legal Aid and Legal Consultations to the vulnerable and deprived community of South Punjab. They are making these efforts through direct interventions and referral mechanism.


Team PHDF has creative abilities to conduct researches on various issues and conflicts. Since 10 years, PHDF is continuously contributing through research based work. Various publications regarding women issues, Child Protections and human rights have been published by the PHDF. These worthy research based interventions are providing rich information to the media, CSOs and Government Departments


PHDF is dedicated for its publications since a decade. Through its publications, PHDF is highlighting the issues regarding Child Protections, Countering Violence Extremism, Rule of Law, Violence against Women and Human Rights Violations. Along with these matters, PHDF has also highlighted the women Success Stories to motivate rural and deprived women. PHDF have its own departments to publish these issues through monthly, quarterly and yearly magazines.

Training unit

A pool of experienced and technical trainers is the part of PHDF. Through its pool of facilitators, PHDF has conducted training sessions with the diverse communities. The experts are implementing the latest techniques to promote peace, harmony, micro business and life skills among the communities specifically the women and youth

Social Development

PHDF is enabling the youth and women through capacity building and ensuring the opportunities for them. PHDF has experienced staff and board members, who are motivating people for rights based initiatives and sustainable initiatives. PHDF is supporting communities through its various projects and interventions

Public Advocacy

Team PHDF is strongly focusing on the public advocacy through various tools and techniques. They are advocating issues through newspapers, Fm Radio, Interactive Theatre, Walks, Rallies and its own publications. Through its innovative strategies, PHDF has raised a large number public issues and core conflicts of the communities.

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The Team


Our partners, who have always appreciated us and supported our creative and innovative ideas, they provided us various platforms energetic efforts for the social betterment. Together we are are creating an impact and synergy in our societies