Research & Publications


Pakistan Human Development Foundation publishes a fact sheet on Violence against Women with the title “Sorrows of Women” since 2007. It is published on annual basis and is distributed among all stake holders free of cost. It is a detailed research work which speaks about more than 14 different types of Violence against women taking place in 36 Districts of Punjab. Newspapers, Police Stations, Hospitals, Local Networks are various sources of news of violence against women


Pakistan Human Development Foundation has a Quarterly Women Magazine named Sada-e-Nisa. It is a registered entity of PHDF and contains articles written by women on women issues mainly. Young woman writers are encouraged and innovations are also being observed this way. This advocacy tool is meant to produce an enabling environment for the women and to recognize their efforts and place in our families and in our society at large. It is also continuously being published since 2007 on regular basis.


“Cases of Sexual Abuse of male children (till age 17) taking place all over Punjab are being recorded in a separate fact sheet of PHDF and got printed because like females the male children are also not safe from the mentally sick and perpetrators of the violence. This data is also shared with Child Rights Organizations, media and stake holders to devise systems and set ups to ensure protection of your young children. This data is also being maintained since 2007”