Pakistan Human Development Foundation (PHDF), in collaboration with AeP, established four student societies i.e. Sports club, Dramatic Club, Arts and Cultural Society and Literary and debating society in Women University, Multan and National College of Business and Administration (NCBA&E), Multan under PUNJD080 and PUNJD144 grant activities. PHDF engaged over 400 students who then implemented social action projects through which over 2,500 students of diverse background were involved through social and cultural events. Students very given a new experience as the Ambassadors of Peace – to mentor other peers that help spread the message of peace and harmony by presenting a positive narrative on campus.

Under the current proposed activity, PHDF oriented 150 direct beneficiaries of three students societies and 18 student advisors on CVE principles while strengthened the work of recently established societies of MNSUAM i.e. Sports, Literary and Debating and Media and Culture by engaging the previously trained students who attracted new enrollments in the societies, receive orientation on CVE and further engage students via designing and implementing social action projects.