About PHDF

Pakistan Human Development Foundation -PHDF was formed in January 2005 by a dedicated group of development workers and corporate philanthropists to work for women Empowerment, Violence against Women, Children Development, Education, Health, HIV/AIDS Prevention and rehabilitation of the oppressed groups of Pakistan. With the passage of time disaster, governance and youth Engagement were also included in the working areas of PHDF.

Our main focus is to benefit women and children who live in miserable situations and lack basic necessities of life. We work to enhance their participation through integrated community actions for their own development and dignity of life. We intervene with participatory approaches and involve all stakeholders to ensure smooth implementation and result oriented projects and ensure community ownership through their active participation. Our strategic target groups are community based small groups having potential and capacity to initiate developmental activities.

We raise local leadership for sustained activism for their development. Our interventions broaden the communities’ vision towards strategic dimensions of their community based development work. The activities are focused to benefit women and children in broader context as they are the most vulnerable segments of our society and they become the prime victims of poverty, misery, hunger and injustice.