Publication & Resource Department (PRD)

This Department is ensuring the advocacy for women and human rights and right based initiatives. Pakistan Human Development Foundation publishes a fact sheet on Violence against Women with the title “Sorrows of Women” since 2007. It is published on annual basis and is distributed among all stake holders free of cost. It is a detailed research work which speaks about more than 14 different types of Violence against women taking place in 36 Districts of Punjab. Newspapers, Police Stations, Hospitals, Local Networks are various sources of news of VAW.

The fourth edition of Sorrows of Women shows that 8868 (Eight Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Eight) women became victims of violence in 2013 and 13183 (Twelve Thousand two hundred and ninety one) in 2014.  There was an overall 43% increase in reported cases of VAW in Punjab in 2014 as compared to year 2013. Cases of VAW in Punjab that took place from January 2015 to July 2015 are 6925. Along with the major publication of “Sorrows of Women”, PHDF is also publishing quarterly magazine with the name of “Sada e Nissa” and Fact Sheets regarding Child Sexual Abuse.

Women Protection Services & Social Betterment (WPSSB)

Women Empowerment is the major focus of Pakistan Human Development Foundation (PHDF). This department is ensuring the women protection, Rehabilitation and the prevention from violence. The role of this department is to ensure the formation of Anti harassment Act Committee in offices, Friendly environment for women at work place, cases and complaints against domestic violence, free legal aid for victims and advocacy for women rights. Through this department, PHDF has implemented various activities to ensure women progressive participation. This strategy is motivating the community specifically the women for successful and long term envisioning of individuals. PHDF is also focusing the networking and linkages building of rural women for their sustainable and progressive lives. Along with the women protection services, this department is also ensuring the provision of health and education, gender equality, Rule of Law, CVE, youth development and opportunities and education for all in projects and interventions

Emergency Relief Response (ERR)

This department has provided prevention, protection and rehabilitation services to the vulnerable and deprived community. Placement of 1873 people from Rajanpur, Muzaffargarh and DG Khan in schools and provision of three times food for two and half months.20 Medical camps were organized to provide free medical aid to the flood effected people where 2610 patients were given medical services with free medicines of worth Rs. 6 lac.125 shelter camps were distributed in Muzaffargarh. Food items to 250 families were distributed in District Rajanpur. Gift hampers were distributed to 300 families on the Eid festival in District Muzaffargarh. Gifts hampers were distributed to 1351 people on the Eid festival in District Khanewal who were the effectees of Multan and Muzaffargarh.300 furnished transitional shelters were distributed with the support of Friends of Humanity UK.500 Educational kits were distributed with the support of PEF Pak organization in District Rajanpur and DG Khan. Provision of dry food items (a package of 10 kg flour, cooking oil, sugar, pulses, milk packs, tea, cakes, juices, dates, biscuits, nimko, candles, match boxes, mineral water and rice each ) to 400 families of flood victims. Provision of kitchen kits and cash amounts for rehabilitation of flood affected taking refuge in Jahanian (belonging from different areas of Taunsa, Mehmood Kot, Sinawan, Kot Adu Gujrat, Shah Jamal, and Jampur..Provision of 200 quilts, mattresses and pillows and 25 winter dresses in District Muzaffargarh (Thatha Gormani) and conducted Training of different CSOs of South Punjab on Ps